Bespoke Picture Frames



Bespoke Picture Frames

The combination of frame mouldings and mount boards gives you an unlimited choice when choosing your frame.

Your finished framed picture is a personal choice, so you can ensure it matches with its surroundings, and is unique to you.

our framing process

Years of experience and care go into every frame

1. Chopping

Using a traditional and reliable Morso Guillotine, each piece of wood is measured and cut carefully so you can rest assured the corners of the finished product will be perfect and completed to the highest standard.

2. Pinning

The frame assembly process is carried out on specialised machinery. We use a variety of pin sizes to suit different moulding depths to ensure your frame is held together strongly and will stand the test of time.

3. Glassing and Boarding

We prefer to cut our own glass to our high standards. Every piece of glass and board is carefully hand cut in our own workshop. So, there’s no unnecessary waiting for external specialist services and this also helps with our fast turnaround time.

4. Assembly

Every job is assembled professionally using specialised tools. We also take precautions to ensure no fingermarks, dust or any unwanted bits find their way inside the finished piece. Your frame will be finished with a nylon cord across the back of the frame for easy installation on the wall.


We only use the highest quality materials

Wooden Mouldings

We are proud to say that the wooden mouldings we use are sustainably sourced for 99% of our framing. It has been our conscious decision to avoid the more common and environmentally harmful plastic alternatives many framers are using to save costs.


We normally use the industry standard glass in our frame production. However, alternative glass is available for specialised applications. We will advise you when it is necessary, or you are welcome to ask.

Acrylic/Art Screen

An alternative to glass, acrylic is lighter so is ideal for large frames as it will not smash and become a danger. For example, if a frame is to be hung in a child’s bedroom, or a public place, we would recommend acrylic. It is available in anti-glare or clear.

Backing Board

As standard, we use Tawnyboard, which combines quality and strength for maximum stability. There are different types of board that we may advise for certain applications or upon request.


All of our mount card is acid free and available in any colour. We also stock part conservation and full museum quality cotton rag mat mount board in various colours. As with everything else we will advise on the best product to use for your specific needs.

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